Mr. Tabesh Pour's Happy New Year Message

Mr. Tabesh Pour's Happy New Year Message

To the VCV family, 

VCV school managers and teachers, as important members of VCV community.

Now that we’re all ready to start a new year, I felt like expressing my best wishes for you all.

Happy Norouz!

I wish you a very happy new year and I hope that you are safe and healthy. 

It’s all a new year. It’s time for fresh beginnings, new decisions and new directions to new destinations. Another new and blank year is ahead of us and the best thing to do is to fill it with love, warmth, friendship, and forgiveness. Let’s only think of loving each other and being kind to each other.

I’d also like to express my deepest sympathy for the concern and insecurity that we are experiencing as a result of this pandemic. We know that English schools in Iran and their teachers are directly affected by the Coronavirus. During this difficult time, it’s important for us all to stay as strong, and hopeful as possible. I’m quite sure that everything ends well soon and all the suffering comes to the end. For the moment, I advise you to take advantage of online classes to keep your students engaged.

Finally, I’d like to inform you that as usual here at VCV we are working hard to ensure you continue experiencing the level of service and quality that you have to expect from VCV. The previous year was delightful and encouraging for all of us and we’re sure the year ahead of us is going to be much brighter and more fruitful. We expect the best and are committed to providing you with the quality educational services you deserve. 


Mahdi Tabesh Pour

Farvardin 3rd, 1399

March 22nd, 2020