VCV English

VCV is a modern English conversation textbook series, focused specifically on Iranian students of English. It provides your students with multiple exposures to new language and intensive recycling in practice. It’s a single and unified method and the first and only integrated solution for Iranian English schools and meaningfully accelerates language proficiency. VCV provides an integrated and comprehensive solution to address the needs of young and very young English learners in Iran. This engaging multi-level course is designed to help learners improve their English through using it in a structured, focused and enjoyable way during natural and social interaction.

Blended English Teaching

سایت وی سی وی تحت مالکیت موسسه فرهنگی آموزشی تابش دانش سبزوار به شماره ثبت 98 می باشد

نام تجاری وی سی وی متعلق به موسسه تابش دانش می باشد و به شماره ثبت 240343 در مرکز مالکیت معنوی سازمان ثبت اسناد و املاک کشور ثبت شده است

شیوه آموزش ما کاملا نوین و ترکیبی  از آموزش حضوری و آنلاین می باشد. به این ترتیب آموزش فقط به کلاس محدود نمی شود و بعد از کلاس نیز ادامه پیدا می کند. با استقاده از این سایت می توانید تمرین های کتابهای خود را انجام دهید و پیشرفت خود را رصد کنید. مدرس شما نیز همزمان از انجام تمرین ها توسط شما مطلع می شود

زبان آموزان و مدرسین لازم است در بخش های مربوط به خود ثبت نام کنند تا بتوانند از خدمات متنوع سایت استفاده کنند

VCV website is designed to help you establish a home-school link and combine e-teaching with traditional ones. For each class lesson, there is a home online lesson. Children will enjoy practicing English at home with their online lessons. Reports enable you to compile evidence of learning, and through online activities, parents can see what their child has learned. Parents can play songs and watch the videos with their child at home, and an end-of-term performance report gives teachers the opportunity to know what and how their students have done at home. Bring language learning alive with Online Practice and track and monitor your students’ progress in every lesson. Teachers can stay in touch with their students through the built-in messaging system as well. The students can study and practice English wherever they are, on computers, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs.

Unique phonics program

VCV also provides a flexible and fun phonics program. Fun, integrated phonics exercises help children learn and recognize the sounds of English letters and soon they start to read words and sentences. The phonics syllabus is particularly tailored and well-structured for children whose first language does not use the Roman alphabet. The mastery of literacy is straightforward, smooth, lovely and very productive. VCV’s unique phonics method has been proved to be the easiest and fastest method of learning literacy for speakers of Farsi. Children learn to recognize and produce the sounds of English, the letters that form them, and the words that contain them. This means each sound is taught in a way that’s easy to understand. The progression is specially created for Persian speakers.

Enriched with conversations

VCV Maximizes students’ talking time in class through dialogues, pair work, group work and communicative games:

– Conversations and question-and-answer practice activities get students to talk from the very beginning.

– Communication conversations and games give children many more opportunities to use English with confidence.

– Communicative songs and chants bring classrooms to life.

– Every exercise is engaging and leads to a conversation or question-and-answer practice.

– Every lesson includes pair and group speaking tasks, giving children plenty of opportunities to speak together.

– Friendly conversation topics motivate the students and encourage even the most hesitant students to participate.

– It gets children talking from the very beginning with conversation, and question and answer practice.

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